[AMRadio] The making of a Triode

Jack Schmidling jack at schmidling.com
Sat Dec 23 23:13:43 EST 2006

KA5MIR wrote:
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_eLO0exato
> This is too cool.  Also, they have a "Triode Festival".  Bet there's some 
> serious AM'ing going on over there.

This was my first youtube experience and I take back everything I 
thought about it (all bad).  The only problem is that it is nearly 
unusable to a dialuper.  I started the download and lay down for a nap. 
  Forgot about it and found it and the dialup still on line hours later. 
  I have no idea how long it took but it must have been half an hour or 

The flick itself was very humbling and reminded me of how much there is 
out there yet to know. For example... "now we cut the bulb to length" 
and he holds some sort of tool to the glass, moving nothing, then turns 
on the lathe or whatever the machine was, holds a torch to it and it 
drops off like magic.

When he spot welded the plate to a wire I was waiting for him to drop it 
in pain.

How on earth does he know all those melted seals would seal properly?

Etc., ad nausiam.


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