[AMRadio] HV Wire

Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Sun Dec 24 09:35:24 EST 2006

How far do you have to run the wire(s)?

Jack Schmidling wrote:

> The electric "fencer" comes in two flavors, high impedance and low 
> impedance. I haven't a clue how they work as they just contain a 
> potted black box and some controls and leads.  The functional 
> differences are that one is faster and lower in voltage (roughly 1pps) 
> and the other is higher in voltage and slower about 1.5 spp.
> In either case, keep in mind that they are high speed (fast rise 
> times) pulses and will put greater stress on the insulation. This is 
> much different from switching on a power supply.
> The other thing I am interested in, along the same lines is the fact 
> that my main interest is getting 2kv AC from an outboard xformer, into 
> the cabinet and on to the 866 plate caps.  So all the discussion about 
> HVDC does not help me much.
> js

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