[AMRadio] Old X-Ray Gear High Voltage Available

D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Sun Dec 24 13:23:31 EST 2006

>  There are three large oil filled KV transformers and one smaller one 
> possibly 10 kv @ 200 ma. The 3 large ones are series connected secondaries 
> with , I believe, 110 volt primaries and measure approx 2ft X 2ft round 
> cast tubs. I had originally thought that these were capacitors but at 
> least one tag indicates transformer.
>  If anyone is interested in this or knows someone who might be able to 
> remove the entire setup please contact me.

See my previous message on this topic.

I viewed the photos, and the photo of  the unit in the patient examination 
room looks a lot like the design of the fluoroscope I acquired in the early 
60's.  It suspect it might make a highly sought after museum piece.

The  control unit has some nice meters, and the "100 step autotransformer" 
would make an excellent variable-voltage unit for the plate transformer for 
a 2 kw-plus transmitter or amplifier.  If it's anything like I remember from 
mine, its voltage regulation is far superior to that of a large variac. 
This unit is much higher power and heavier-duty than the one I had.

I still regret getting rid of the autotransformer, but I was glad to see the 
rest of the x-ray machine go.

Don k4kyv 

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