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Geoff/W5OMR ars.w5omr at gmail.com
Sun Dec 24 17:36:46 EST 2006

John King wrote:
> Yes, Don, I a little different idea. Being jammed up
> in the "so called window' 

Let's back up a sec...

If we could all realize this, then we're liberated in our knowledge, and 
we all know that Knowledge is Power!

The ARRL only suggests that 3.885MHz is the 75m AM 'Calling Frequency', 
very much like 146.5MHz is the 2m FM 'Calling Frequency'.  That means, 
you go to the recognized Calling Frequency on that band, for the mode 
you're operating, make a call, call CQ, whatever.. establish contact, 
/move off to another frequency/ and the whole process starts again, with 
the next station in line.

I say 'mode', because the 2m AM Calling frequency is different from the 
2m SSB Calling Frequency, is different from the 2m FM Calling 
Frequency.  Same on the other V/UHF bands. 

HF SSB'ers can go wherever.  It is suggested that around the AM Calling 
Frequencies on the different bands, one could find AM conversations 
happening.  This does not -have- to be the case.  Oh sure, we want to 
hear AM conversations, but not -only- just around the Calling 
Frequency.  You see, if someone calls CQ on 3.885MHz, and then those 
stations move down to 3.880MHz to have their conversation, Then that 
frees up the Calling Frequency for someone else.   Someone else calls CQ 
on the Calling Frequency, then moves that conversation UP to 3.890MHz.  
What happens then, is that the 'preconceived notion' of the 'AM Window' 
<sans the Calling Frequency>, is filled.  SO, CALL CQ THEN GO SOMEWHERE 
ELSE!  It's not like we don't have *400*kHz in which to play, now!

The #1 thing we hams are supposed to do, when getting on the air, is to 
-listen-.  Tune around, and see if there's not an existing QSO somewhere 
that you want to break into and join.  We AM operators are not relegated 
to some 'window'... we have a Calling Frequency, in which we call a 
station, make a contact, and move off.  I don't care if where you move 
off to is up around 3.990Mhz, or down around 3.625MHz, DO find 
*somewhere else* in the 400kHz of the phone band in which to have your QSO.

There is no 'AM Window', other than the Web Site that Steve Ickes/WB3HUZ 

There's my 200 millibucks.

73 = Best Regards,
  Merry Christmas!

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