[AMRadio] Old X-Ray Gear K4KYV

D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Sun Dec 24 18:33:53 EST 2006

>  There are several other high voltage Quackery machines in pieces in the 
> basement that also look good for radio related components. One appears to 
> be a diathermy machine from at least the 20's with a marble top and 
> strange large coils and transformers. There is , of course, one of the 
> buzzer high voltage wart removing devices that outputs a nice 1/4 inch 
> arc. I have one of those in a cylindrical form that accepts various shaped 
> argon filled tubes or metal electrodes.

The antique diathermy machine might be of interest to some of the Antique 
Wireless Assn types, since this was basically a transmitter somewhere in the 
20-30 mHz range, and many of the old diathermy machines use identical 
components to antique transmitters.  Some could be easily modified into a 
"vintage" transmitter that could be actually used on the air.  Some of  the 
lighter weight stuff like the buzzer wart machine might fetch a good price 
over e-Pay.  There are specialised hobbyists who collect antique electrical 
medical quackery, so I suspect there would be a ready-made market for some 
of that stuff.

That wart machine may not be quackery and may not be antique.  Not too many 
years ago I had some growths removed from my face and that's exactly what 
the dermatologist used. His may have been more state-of-the-art, but it was 
the same technology - basically a "Tesla" coil that burnt away the flesh 
with a controlled spark. 

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