[AMRadio] Forty and 80 meter AM freqs

Jack Schmidling jack at schmidling.com
Sun Dec 24 19:33:19 EST 2006

SBJohnston at aol.com wrote:
> I understand that there has been some AM action on the new part of the phone 
> band on 75/80 meters - where should I look for activity these days? 

I think the best answer is to MAKE activity and stop looking for it. 
Like, call CQ anywhere you are allowed to and see what happens.

There is now all kinds of empty space day and night on 75 and everyone 
is cruising around "looking for activity" instead of making it happen.

I called CQ on 3610 the other night for about 15 minutes and landed a 
one hour QSO.  He said he heard me right away but it took that long for 
him to get tuned up. Nothing in my station liked the freq, in fact my 
sig got louder when I turned off the amp but it was great fun slumming.

As a point of interest, we have the advantage of carriers so all we have 
to do is turn on the BFO and swish around looking for one.  If you don't 
here one..... MAKE one.

Jack K9ACT

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