[AMRadio] Odd signals in lower 80 meters

John King k5pgw at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 25 10:28:40 EST 2006

Tony, you are absolutely correct. The ARRL is a
POLITICALLY closed organization. When one looks at the
progression of Presidents from SCM, to Directors, to
Vice President and then on to President, it is obvious
that they are handpicked to get into the line of
progression by the "shrimpy" little CEO. If you speak
up, you don't stay long and don't go anywhere in the
ARRL organization. If you don't sell your soul to the
devil, you will never even get an appointed position.
You must learn to get your prayer rug and bow to
Newington and learn to chant "mighty is the ARRL and
its' CEO, who is all seeing and all knowing".

I have spoken by positions to ex-President Haynie and
the local SCM via email as well as the present
President, when he was a VP, and each time has
resulted in  HOSTILE DENIALS and attacks upon me.

I met the CEO of ARRL at the National Convention in
the 80s, in Baton Rouge, when he was an "anointed" VP
and I never met a more "aloof, rude, and egotistical
so-called "servant of the people".

I dropped my life time membership before completing
payment of the entire amount it. I now take QST only
to learn where the hamfests are going to be. I usually
read a QST in less than five minutes and it wouldn't
take that long if I didn't look at the advertisements.
We all know that the advertisers greatly influence the
political positions of ARRL.

The ARRL stages skirmishes with the FCC allegedly for
we Amateurs to appear that they are fighting for us,
but those skirmishes are merely to make us think that
they are really fighting for no code and other issues
and all the time the FCC and ARRL are "plea
bargaining"  a trade off so they both get what best
serves the interest and agenda of each. Folks hold up
while I get my fire suit on....Merry Christmas and
Happy New Year!!! 73, John, K5PGW

"Anthony W. DePrato" <wa4jqs at mikrotec.com> wrote:

> >. Forced 'dumbing down' of QST (and other pubs
> other than the
> >Handbook) was dictated by the GM. NBVM was believed
> by that GM to be the 
> >'second coming' of SSB and
> >it was promoted shamelessly in QST
> >
> >Jay W1VD
> Hi Jay:
> guess what that same group that somehow got into the
> arrl in the late 60's 
> and early 70's are the same group that runs it
> today. the Prez. is just a 
> figure head with no power just does what little Mr
> Sunshine up there tells 
> him to do and say. the rest follow suit or are soon
> replaced. glad someone 
> told the story about the dumbing down of
> qst. Ham Radio Mag the last real ham tech mag went
> by the wayside years 
> ago. i still have every copy.
> Merry Christmas
> Tony
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