[AMRadio] New Year's Resolution-Getting Back on AM!

Craig Carter craig-carter at sbcglobal.net
Mon Dec 25 21:57:39 EST 2006

Welcome Bob!

Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year!

The same to all on this list also!

73 Craig K6QI

At 01:54 PM 12/25/2006, Bob Scupp wrote:
>Fellow Amer's-
>Hi! My name is Bob K5SEP living in Mountainair, New
>Mexico. The town is about 75 miles Southeast of
>Albuquerque on the East side of the Rockies. The town
>is about one square mile in physical size with a
>population of 1,300. Mountainair is just under 6,500
>feet above sea level (almost geographically the center
>of the State). It is extremely rural with mainly
>farming and ranch land.
>Probably the first quarter of 2007, I will be moving
>to the new K5SEP Radio Ranch. I work for UPHI.NET, a
>local high speed wireless Internet company providing
>service to residential/businesses in this portion of
>Torrance County. The head end of our system is on the
>West side of town on a hill overlooking the Estancia
>Valley. I will have my own mobile home on their
>property. I should be getting a large storage shed
>I have been continuously licensed since my senior year
>of high school (1967-68). My Novice station back in my
>hometown of Passaic, New Jersey was a Heathkit DX-60B
>transmitter and Lafayette HA-63A receiver (as WN2CXS).
>My second station when I upgraded to General after
>1968 was an E.F. Johnson Viking II with matching VFO,
>National NC-300 receiver and 40 meter dipole. Wish I
>had not sold the gear when I moved to NM in 1976.
>I recently purchased a close facsimile which includes
>the E.F. Johnson Viking II w/matching VFO w/ten 40/75
>meter AM phone crystals, National NC-109 receiver
>w/manuals, D-104 mike and other accessories. Found an
>Amateur North of me who needed the cash. To my
>knowledge, he electronically went through everything,
>replacing electrolytic caps, etc. It was fully
>operational when he took it off the air very recently.
>There is a 55-60 foot self supporting tower on the
>property where the mobile home will be. It is used for
>a microwave repeater for the high speed wireless
>Internet network. Since the two owners are both
>Amateurs, no problem using it for my antennas.
>I actually have not be on HF AM in many years, so when
>this comes together next year it will be great! I am
>also into collection/repairs antique radios.
>Looking forward towards an exciting 2007 meeting some
>of you on the air.
>Bob K5SEP
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