[AMRadio] Another BC transmitter move...

John Lyles jtml at losalamos.com
Mon Dec 25 22:42:19 EST 2006

My new garage got finished last week, the floor was painted with 2 part epoxy paint. Nasty stuff, wore respirator. With a ceiling unit LP gas heater and power (up to 6 kW at 240 VAC), this is more than a garage, in the rear it has an area for the 'high power' lab. No more keeping big iron in the back bedroom - the YL has been very supportive of the new garage for this one reason.  Yesterday we installed (6) 85" x 48" shelving units made by Tennsco. Today, Christmas, we moved all the paint and supplies that we have been storing in two sheds and under our bathroom sinks (to keep it from freezing) into the first two shelf units. My auto parts and tools went into the third, tools went into forth. That leaves #5 and 6 for radios. The projects include, Johnson 500, NC300, Scott SLR, Heath Chippewa, old Rhode Shwartz SLMR microwave power generator. And a full height equipment rack on casters. They were all hauled out to their new shelves this evening. Tomorrow I am assembling two 96 inch
long x 30 inch workbench kits. What a great Santa.

The big iron moves were the 19 inch shortie rack with RCA and Stancor 500 Watt iron - my homebrew modulator/power supply project for the Johnson, and the Continental 314R1 kW BC transmitter. Unfortunately, I now have to remove the plate iron, the Sola filament regulator iron, and the tubes, to lay 'er over on a trailer to roll across the yard. It the shortest BC rig move, and requires some of the same care and patience as a move across the country, since this big boy won't roll across our gravel driveway without help from several neighbors. 

So, instead of singing carols last night or sitting around in PJs opening presents today, we were out reading the garage/shop. For operating ham station, it will remain in the bedroom for now, but if i eventually finish the conversion of the 314R1 to HF, it will probably be remote controlled from the house. Now if I could just get my soldering iron hot again and finish the VFO replacement for the DX100, i might get to enjoy this winter on the air. 

Happy New Year.
Santa Fe County, NM

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