[AMRadio] PHOTO OF THE WEEK, Ham Radio

Jack Schmidling jack at schmidling.com
Mon Dec 25 23:53:56 EST 2006

This seems like a good time to start putting together a Radio web page 
so I have featured my current "station" as a Photo of the Week.

The POW started out as the Astro Photo of the Week but after about ten 
years of that I sort of used up the sky.  I then started posting 
pictures of a General Science nature and every now and then do a story 
on one of my other hobbies.

This week's POW is for general consumption but there is a "Radio" link 
to more details on what I am doing.  I will be adding some other 
interesting stuff as soon as I can get to it.

It will no doubt come as a surprise but my uncle Gilbert Schmidling 
invented not only the fluorescent light but also the first working 
cathode ray tube usable for TV.  I have some really neat old magazine 
articles and photos that I will put up to support this seemingly 
preposterous notion.

BTW, in the meantime, who does the world at large think invented these 


PHOTO OF THE WEEK: http://schmidling.com/pow.htm
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