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Tue Dec 26 11:31:46 EST 2006

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From: "Anthony W. DePrato" <wa4jqs at mikrotec.com>
> I was more worried about the Cobalt source installs i was doing then a few 
> PCB's but then again when i was in Nam you heard about the same crap from 
> the media about us. (lord bless the media you have to love them and their 
> ways of twisting things to meet the ratings.)

One of the real issues was agent orange.  I live near Ft Campbell, and there 
are many military retirees living in the area.  The VA has consistently 
attempted to deny 'Nam vets their claims resulting from exposure.  From what 
I understand, dioxin was a bi-product of the AO defoliants.

That's supposed to be one of the greatest dangers of PCB; when it burns, 
some some of its components are converted to dioxin.  The EPA is more 
worried that where PCB's are stored or in use, the building might burn and 
generate dioxin.  Alarms over the direct toxic effects of PCB seem to have 
been toned down in recent years.

I must have a total of several gallons of PCB residing in capacitors and 
transformers in my  rigs and stored in my parts warehouse.  I consciously 
avoid direct contact with the stuff, but don't  lose any sleep over having 
it on my premises.  I certainly don't plan to get rid of my oil-filled 
capacitors and transformers.  I had no trouble several years ago disposing 
of about 5 gallons of PCB-laden transformer oil at one of our county's 
semi-annual hazardous houshold waste collection days.

Don k4kyv


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