[AMRadio] The Attribution of Seminal Inventions

Jack Schmidling jack at schmidling.com
Tue Dec 26 15:01:35 EST 2006

John Lawson wrote:

>> but also the first working cathode ray tube usable for TV.
>   Hmmmm... NOT Braun, Thomson, Zworykin, Farnsworth...  but Schmidling?

>   I'm looking forward to your info - there seems to be a possible lack 
> in my own rather extensive collection of materials, books, papers and 
> publications on this subject, some reaching back now over a hundred 
> years....

This is going to take a lot of scanning and image processing and
unfortunately, I am on dial up so it will have to be scaled down to just
  enough to provide some evidence.

For now, I offer the teaser from Radio News 1935

I have his patent and will work on that next plus extensive history of
what he did with it.

The fluorescent light is a bit more problematical but the most
interesting thing I have found is an article in Scientific American
about him paying children to collect lightening bugs in Central Park.
He used the scrapings from their butts for the phosphor in what the
article claimed was the first cold light bulb.  But that will have to
wait for the sequel.


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