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Peter Markavage manualman at juno.com
Tue Dec 26 17:44:49 EST 2006

A quick article index search for "surveys" in QST popped out 91 different
An ARRL site search for "surveys" resulted in 848 results.

ARRL 1998 Annual Report, page 6, provides a bar graph showing membership
rise and fall from 1978 through 1998. 
The membership graph is shown to somewhat cyclical even during this
period. As far as Incentive Licensing, who cares at this point. It was
over 35 years ago. ARRL acknowledged years ago that it probably was not
the best proposal to support. If you really want to know the "numbers"
between 1969 though 1977, check the Annual Report write ups in QST for
those years.

Pete, wa2cwa

On Tue, 26 Dec 2006 11:50:18 -0800 (PST) Bob Scupp <k5sep at yahoo.com>
> Anthony, Don and Everyone else-
> I had the privilege (?) of serving as ARRL Rocky
> Mountain Division Vice-Director for two consecutive
> terms. At that time, terms of office were two years
> (1990-1994).
> One of my continuing issues with ARRL is that of
> non-documentation. For example, CQ Magazine is
> subscription only and not a membership organization
> unlike the League. Yet, in each monthly issue there is
> a self addressed post-card for responding to that
> issue's survey questions. They then report the results
> in a future issue. The League could do something
> similar with QST. It could also do the same survey on
> their website. Collection of this data can be compiled
> for computer storage and report in an upcoming issue
> of QST. It can also be used for their Board and other
> committee activities. So why do they not do this?
> Unfortunately, the answer is obvious.
> I got tired of hearing, "The members in our Division
> support/do not support an issue". Who does or
> doesn't(not by name and callsign)? Where is a
> documented survey to back up a given position?
> Sorry I do not remember the FCC Docket number but
> remember in the late 60's (I think it was 1968-1969)
> Incentive Licensing? Please correct me if I am wrong
> but I thought the League supported it. As a result,
> many of their members by the thousands dropped their
> membership for years to come. Naturally this adversely
> effected League membership numbers along with the
> amateur radio community.
> Unfortunately, after all these years the League and
> their higher-ups have not learned their lesson.
> Survey, Document, Report, etc.
> Just my two cents worth if that.
> Bob K5SEP
> ARRL Member since 1969
> ARRL Life Member since 1976

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