[AMRadio] FS: Microphones T-32, T-17, D-104, EFJ Bug, SB-630

Don Merz n3rht at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 26 22:05:01 EST 2006

For Sale: Microphones, Mic Parts and BA Stuff

Microphones. I think these will fit in a flat rate
priority mail box for $8.60 including tracking, except
as noted.

Military T-32 in nice shape. The element has been
replaced with a carbon telephone element. Has 3-wire
phone plug on end of short cord. $58 plus actual
mailing cost--will not fit in a flat rate boc.

Military T-17 microphone made by Kellogg Switchboard
and Supply Co. Metal mic with that skinny aviation
phone plug as used on the command sets. NOS in the
original box with mouthpiece cover M-367. $42

Astatic D-104 microphone FOR DRAKE TX on PTT G mic
stand with the thin 3-circuit right-angle mic plug as
used on Drake T-4XB and possibly other Drake rigs. Not
amplified. Works perfectly and sounds great. $58

Astatic D-104 microphone FOR HEATHKIT and others using
the old Amphenol 2-pin mic plug. With PTT G mic stand
with an unoriginal 1/4 inch hold drilled in it. Not
amplified. Works perfectly and sounds great. $42

Astatic D-104 microphone on AMPLIFIED PTT G mic stand
with coiled cord and no plug of any kind on the end.
Works perfectly and sounds great. Some paint chips and
scratches on the G stand base. $48

OLD Astatic D-104 microphone with on/off switch base
on a regular adjustable Atlas desk mic stand. The mic
head has the old-style riveted metal tag on top. The
cord uses the Amphenol mini-button mic connector that
I generally always see problems with--and this one is
no exception. So I think the cord is bad. The mic
itself works well and sounds great, though the output
is just a tiny bit lower than the “modern” D-104’s
listed above. Needs cleaning. $55

NOS replacement mic cartridges for the D-104. These
are brand new Astatic MC-320 cartridges for the D-104,
still in sealed factory packaging. $30 each. 2

Western Electric old F-1 telephone elements. These are
popular as replacements for making original military
carbon microphones more useable. 3 for $12 including
padded envelope mailing. Many available.

Western Electric old HA-1 and HA-7 telephone elements.
$3 each plus mailing. Many available. I think these
are dynamic--not carbon. I’m not sure what they are
good for. 

BA Miscellany

E. F. Johnson Speedx Semi-Automatic Key 114-520. This
is the nicest one of these I have ever seen. There’s 5
or 6 pencil-point size dings in the paint but it
otherwise looks absolutely great. Good chrome. Good
fingerpeices. Clean tag. All original. Oh yeah. $95
plus $8.60 priority flat rate box mailing with

Heathkit Station Console SB-630. This has a couple
small paint dings around the front edge and it has
nicotine that needs cleaned off. After cleaning, it
will look really sharp and it doesn’t look bad just as
it sits. I didn’t test it but the clocks on these
often don’t work or are very noisy. With original
manual. $55 plus actual mailing cost.

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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