[AMRadio] Intermittent Filament Pin

Mark Foltarz Foltarz at rocketmail.com
Wed Dec 27 11:01:14 EST 2006

I agree about the soclets.
I just fought a battle with a modulator using PP 811. Seems like other time I
fired it up one of the 811s would be dark. Repeated 'fiddling with the socket'
made it reliable - at least for now. HI.

But on the chance it is actually an intermittant connection at the filament
lead, I would remove the base and 'brighten' the lead with steel wool or
sandpaper before soldering.



--- "A.R.S. -  W5AMI" <ars.w5ami at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 12/26/06, Bill Fondren <bill.fondren at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> > This may seem to be a simple question but I have a 100th modulator tube
> that has a intermittent filament pin.  I have resoldered it a dozen times and
> it may operate for 2 weeks or 5 minutes.  Its in a BC 610 that I have just
> redone and have had it on for about 2 weeks.  the tube is a new or nos.  Is
> there a special type solder that would be better to use than just regular
> radio type solder    Bill Fondren K5PML
> Bill,
> Those Johnson "twist" sockets are notorious for not making good
> contact on the filiment pins.  Have you swapped the 100th's to see if
> it's the tube itself?
> 73
> Brian / w5ami
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