[AMRadio] Incentive Licensing (was Odd)

Grant Youngman nq5t at tx.rr.com
Wed Dec 27 12:44:26 EST 2006

> exam for full amateur privileges (Extra, General, Advanced, 
> Class A or whatever you wanted to call it) were made more 
> comprehensive, at a level of difficulty comparable to that of 
> the old pre-Incentive Licensing General class exam, and the 
> exact test questions/answers withdrawn from publication.

Can you imagine the screams that would go up if anyone actually attempted to
make the exams require learning, and/or, heaven forbid, withhold the correct
answers in advance of the test?  

Eventually, there will probably be just one question:  "What is the correct
spelling of the word R-A-D-I-O?  (a) Radio (b) Radio (c) Radio (d) all of
the above".  And naturally, the question will be published in advance, along
with the correct answer, but allowances will be made for individuals lacking
long or short term memory, having had over 75% of their brains resected, or
having died 3 years prior to attempting the exam, since even this simple
test might be considered "unfair" in those cases :-)


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