[AMRadio] FS: Microphones T-32, T-17, D-104, EFJ Bug, SB-630

PETER A. STRATIGOS peters7 at mindspring.com
Wed Dec 27 13:58:20 EST 2006


If your amplified D104 is still available, I would like to buy for the 
listed $48.  Please give me you address and I will forward my check.

My details are;  Peter Stratigos, N9HXW, 201 Sunset Ridge Road, Willowbrook, 
Il 60527.

Best regards for the New Year,

Peter Stratigos, N9HXW
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Subject: [AMRadio] FS: Microphones T-32, T-17, D-104, EFJ Bug, SB-630

> For Sale: Microphones, Mic Parts and BA Stuff
> Microphones. I think these will fit in a flat rate
> priority mail box for $8.60 including tracking, except
> as noted.
> Military T-32 in nice shape. The element has been
> replaced with a carbon telephone element. Has 3-wire
> phone plug on end of short cord. $58 plus actual
> mailing cost--will not fit in a flat rate boc.
> Military T-17 microphone made by Kellogg Switchboard
> and Supply Co. Metal mic with that skinny aviation
> phone plug as used on the command sets. NOS in the
> original box with mouthpiece cover M-367. $42
> Astatic D-104 microphone FOR DRAKE TX on PTT G mic
> stand with the thin 3-circuit right-angle mic plug as
> used on Drake T-4XB and possibly other Drake rigs. Not
> amplified. Works perfectly and sounds great. $58
> Astatic D-104 microphone FOR HEATHKIT and others using
> the old Amphenol 2-pin mic plug. With PTT G mic stand
> with an unoriginal 1/4 inch hold drilled in it. Not
> amplified. Works perfectly and sounds great. $42
> Astatic D-104 microphone on AMPLIFIED PTT G mic stand
> with coiled cord and no plug of any kind on the end.
> Works perfectly and sounds great. Some paint chips and
> scratches on the G stand base. $48
> OLD Astatic D-104 microphone with on/off switch base
> on a regular adjustable Atlas desk mic stand. The mic
> head has the old-style riveted metal tag on top. The
> cord uses the Amphenol mini-button mic connector that
> I generally always see problems with--and this one is
> no exception. So I think the cord is bad. The mic
> itself works well and sounds great, though the output
> is just a tiny bit lower than the "modern" D-104's
> listed above. Needs cleaning. $55
> NOS replacement mic cartridges for the D-104. These
> are brand new Astatic MC-320 cartridges for the D-104,
> still in sealed factory packaging. $30 each. 2
> available.
> Western Electric old F-1 telephone elements. These are
> popular as replacements for making original military
> carbon microphones more useable. 3 for $12 including
> padded envelope mailing. Many available.
> Western Electric old HA-1 and HA-7 telephone elements.
> $3 each plus mailing. Many available. I think these
> are dynamic--not carbon. I'm not sure what they are
> good for.
> BA Miscellany
> E. F. Johnson Speedx Semi-Automatic Key 114-520. This
> is the nicest one of these I have ever seen. There's 5
> or 6 pencil-point size dings in the paint but it
> otherwise looks absolutely great. Good chrome. Good
> fingerpeices. Clean tag. All original. Oh yeah. $95
> plus $8.60 priority flat rate box mailing with
> tracking.
> Heathkit Station Console SB-630. This has a couple
> small paint dings around the front edge and it has
> nicotine that needs cleaned off. After cleaning, it
> will look really sharp and it doesn't look bad just as
> it sits. I didn't test it but the clocks on these
> often don't work or are very noisy. With original
> manual. $55 plus actual mailing cost.
> Thanks for looking.
> 73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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