[AMRadio] The Attribution of Seminal Inventions

Jack Schmidling jack at schmidling.com
Wed Dec 27 23:40:00 EST 2006

John Lawson wrote:

>   I'm looking forward to your info - there seems to be a possible lack 
> in my own rather extensive collection of materials, books, papers and 
> publications on this subject, some reaching back now over a hundred 
> years....

Possibly time to eat crow here.  I have accepted the family tradition of 
"Uncle Gil inventing TV" and looked at his patent application for a 
"Television Receiving Tube" for years but never actually read it till 
last night in bed.

Well, turns out that it is some sort of white light source under control 
of a triode vacuum tube that provides modulation to the light.

After browsing a few pages on early TV, I am thinking that it is an 
alternative to the neon light used in the scanning systems.  It has a 
tubular anode inside of tubular cathode that produces a white light beam 
that passes through a small window in the glass tube.  There is also an 
activated charcoal rod inside a sort of filament that controls the gas 
environment in the tube.

The objective seems to be a very high speed white light source to 
produce a more realistic picture than a neon light.

Does this make sense?  And does your extensive library contain a copy of 
the 1935 issue of Radio News?

Gil spent most of his working life building and managing CRT factories 
for RCA, mainly in South America so somewhere in all this info I have is 
the link between the patent and his career with CRT's.

Perhaps we should pursue this off line but I am very interested in 
getting to the bottom of this.


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