[AMRadio] Crystals, was... Forty and 80 meter AM freqs

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If I might add the name of:

MH Electronics
9569  9th Street, POB 652
Rancho Cucamonga, CA  91730

or call him at (800) 643-9825.  You might mention the CRA when calling.

Thank you

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> Jack Schmidling wrote:
>> Peterson Radio
>> 2735 Avenue A
>> Council Bluffs, IA 51501
> It's my understanding that Mr. Peterson, for failing health reason has, in 
> the last year, shut down operations.
> How recently have you purchased crystals from Peterson?
> I, too, have bought crystals from AF4K/Brian and at $9.oo per and $4.oo 
> shipping, $40.oo was enough to get me 3.870, 3.880, 3.890 and 7.290Mc 
> crystals.  Brian and I don't see eye-to-eye on many issues.  Personal 
> issues aside, I can -not- detract his ability to provide boat-anchor 
> enthusiasts with hard-to-find, and sometime very rare 'unobtainium'.  I 
> find his service completely acceptable.
> Don Merz provides a similar service.
> While I'm at it, and this observation is from someone who 'officially' has 
> no input on how the list runs (other than the respected opinion of a 
> member - Thanks to W5AMI for having the ability to listen *and* hear 
> members requests) I would like to point out, and remind those who wish to 
> partake of those list members who offer items for sale, that the 
> negotiation for offered items should occur 'off-list'.
> A rather detracting habit from some list-members has been to request 'one 
> specific part' in a whole raft of pieces offered, and then not remove 
> anything that isn't pertinent to what they want.  *MY* opinion is, the 
> best option for all concerned is that if a piece offered is desired, then 
> reply to the original poster off-list.  Not only does it reduce 
> unnecessary and non-technical discussion from the list, it also keeps the 
> on-going archive a lot cleaner.  A simple solution, as far as I'm 
> concerned.
> If anyone is still with me after that lengthy diatribe (*grinz*)  How many 
> of us are planning on participating on the Special AM Event that is set to 
> occur this weekend?  The event marks the 100th anniversary of Dr. 
> Feseden's 'discovery' of Amplitude Modulation.  It is my understanding 
> that several special event stations all over the county, and the world 
> will be participating in this momentous occasion.
> --
> 73, etc...
> -Geoff/W5OMR
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