[AMRadio] F.S. HV Pwr supply transformer

Dick Whitten rwhitten at mail.win.org
Thu Dec 28 10:45:07 EST 2006

Bought this transformer from a ham when I was at Western Electric. HV 
transformer was designed by the ham/Electrical Engineer at Western 
Electric and built for him by a buddy from Bell Laboratories. Has 5 
pages of engineers power supply design notes. Very nice construction. 
Never got to use it.

 Primary = 230Vac, Sec=1900v rms(per the notes) = 2450Vdc.
Secondary is not center tapped but schematic calls for a full wave bridge.

 Core size is approx 14 sq. inches. Per the Handbook this equates to to 
power handing capacity
of full 2000 watts. Weight is approx. 30 lbs., about 37 packed.
Looks like it was designed for a pair of 3-400s, 3-500Zs, 572Bs, etc.

I put a variac on the primary. 30 Volts in gave 470 Volts out. Stopped 
I chicken out with anything above 500v.
Based on this test 230v in should give you 2500v out easily.

 Size: 6 in. x 6 in. x 6 in.
A very nice transformer. Serious offers only.  Will provide .jpeg photo 
on demand

Dick Whitten    WA0AHQ

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