[AMRadio] GCARA Historic AM Night Tonight

D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Thu Dec 28 11:35:20 EST 2006

The Greater Cincinnati Amateur Radio Association will hold its annual AM 
night Thursday, 28 December, on 1936 kHz beginning at 9 PM EST.

The net meets regularly on this frequency on SSB, but every December, the 
last Thursday of the year is declared AM night, when the net is conducted on 
AM, and AM stations anywhere in the world are encouraged to participate.

The GCARA got its start handling emergency traffic during the Ohio River 
flood of 1936.  This was continued during 1937 when a second flood occurred. 
The frequency of 1936 kHz was chosen to commemorate the year of the first 
flood.  Following the 1937 disaster, the group decided to continue the 
operation using that frequency.  Many of the pre-WW2 participants had 
crystals ground specially for 1936 kHz.

The net closed down during WW2, and 1936 kHz was off limits to the 
Cincinnati area until LORAN-A was finally shut down and that portion of the 
band was restored to amateurs. Shortly after the 1936 kHz frequency was 
returned to amateurs in the early 1980's, the net was reactivated and 
continues to the present day to operate on 1936 kHz, +/- QRM.

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