[AMRadio] Building a transmitter

Conor Farrell conor.farrell8 at mail.dcu.ie
Thu Dec 28 16:12:32 EST 2006

Hi all,

I'm getting to work soon on building a small CW transmitter for 40
meters. It will only have half a Watt output power but if it goes well
for me I'll try getting a 3 Watt transmitter up and running :)

I'll let everyone know when I get it up and running (and if/when I get
my license!); I will set a time and date at some stage where I'll
broadcast a message from home in Ireland for a certain amount of time
to give people around Britain and Europe a chance to listen in, and if
the 3W gets going hopefully people in the US will be able to check it

*gets back to work on learning Morse Code*


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