[AMRadio] Thank You and Toroidal transformers

Rev. Robert P. Chrysafis kc8gpd at hotmail.com
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Back in my C.B. days in west virginia we ran cable tv coax up the mountains
as far as a mile or two to a mountain top antenna. on each end we put 36ft
of rg8 or 9913 to acheive a match to the CATV Hardline. I'm not sure if
something similar would work for other frequencies. I don't see why not.

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Greetings Amiable AMers,

I am a real neophyte in HAM and AM radio but i. at least recognise, that
this is the group that leads the pack when it comes to genuine knowledge and
practical experience. As the New Year approaches, i want to express my
gratitude for the wealth of information which has come my way thanks to you.
As i am a farmer who still works the land with horses, i appreciate the
importance in keeping the old, tried and time-tested ways alive; not just
for nostalgia's sake but for the time when radios and the written word might
be one of the sole sources of communication. If one of those $10,000 digital
voodoo boxes breaks down there are only a few select experts that can even
diagnose, much less fix the problem. I take off my hat to expose my bald
head to all of you!!

As an added favour could anyone tell me what sort of toroidal core i would
need to transform 75 to 50 0hms. I was given a large quantity of CATV
hard-line and read that it would be well to match the impedance to the
antenna and the transmitter. Or do you think the Pi-network in the P.A.
would be able to match the 75 ohm? I would at leat like to know which cores
from Amidon would be the right ones in case i just want to construct a few
transformers for experience sake. Thanks so much for any help you can give

Happy New Year to each and everyone!
Pieter VE1PPG
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