[AMRadio] Thank You and Toroidal transformers

Ed Sieb esieb at sympatico.ca
Fri Dec 29 08:48:10 EST 2006

Yup, I zapped and zorched a "300 Watt" antenna tuner with my DX-100!   100W
of well modulated AM equals 400W PEP! More if your running over 100%
positive peaks! 125% positive=500WPEP!  Few small tuners will handle that,
and a TH3Jr or TA33Jr  tri-bander certainly won't!


Brett gazdzinski wrote:
My guess is the hardline will work fine without
any matching, most Pi nets will match it fine.
I also don't like toroids or baluns on AM,
high power (or even medium power) AM tends to overload
and/or cook anything like traps or baluns in short order.
Many antennas rated for 2kw plus pep crap out with 100
watts of AM on them....
I blew out traps in a trapped dipole and in a vertical
antenna with a DX100 (100 watts out).

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