[AMRadio] "Heavy Metal Night"

Ed Sieb esieb at sympatico.ca
Fri Dec 29 10:11:46 EST 2006

My own 75/80M antewnna will be a full size 80M dipole up at 50+ feet, fed
with 450 ohm line.

I hear tim, who is only 500 odd miles from me, rather weak (typically only
S9).  His signals are soo low-angle that they almost miss my location.  I
used to hear him better, when he was living in Syracuse.

Ed,  VA3ES

Geoff/W5OMR wrote:
That being said, there's only a hand-full of NorthEast operators who's
signals ever make it as far south as South Central Texas.  The leader of
the pack, it should come as no surprise, is Tim/WA1HLR.  Tim is probably
the farthest away from here, yet consistently has the strongest signal.
Now, I realize, not everyone can have a Mountain top and several ~200'
tall towers in which to construct a 'Lazy H' antenna on bands as low as
160 meters...

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