[AMRadio] CATV hardline matching

VJB wa3vjb at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 29 10:33:35 EST 2006


Thanks for the nice comments about "AMers," and I
totallly agree our activity makes for the most
satisfying group in the hobby.

I used the aluminum jacketed foam feedline for years
on a dipole antenna.  Others have pointed out that
most tank circuits can easily match up with that, and
I agree. Used both a 32V2 into it, and a homebrew
transmitter with HDVL plug-in coils, the old
swinging-link design.

In fact, I still have probably 100 feet of that stuff
from a spool-end laying out in the back yard that I
ought to consider using on a revived 10 meter antenna.
 The low loss at that frequency really makes it
attractive, cheap, and manageable when put aloft,
because of its light weight compared to coax.

It also seems very durable in the weather. That spool
end came my way about 18 years ago when they wired the
neighborhood for cable. The only problem is flex when
the dipole, suspended from trees, moves around too
much and you get a kink down below as the hardline
meets the ground. It kinked a couple times on me
before I arranged it to take the travel.


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