[AMRadio] "Heavy Metal Night"

Geoff/W5OMR ars.w5omr at gmail.com
Fri Dec 29 16:11:38 EST 2006

k0ng at inebraska.com wrote:
> Hello Geof: You misunderstood my message. I said nothing about antennas.
> Its the distance from the antenna to the naybors house when running heavy
> metal that is my concern. I use an 80 meter inverted vee fed with 450 Ohm
> line and a Johnson MatchBox. Works just dandy with my Vikings barefoot.

No, I understand... believe me.  Go to www.qrz.com and find my 
address... then go to maps.google.com and look at my neighborhood.  I'm 
'covered' in 'em.

What I do, to compensate, is operate typically early in the morning (7am 
to 8:30/9am), vary the transmitter output down to around 100 to 150w of 
carrier output.
When the subject of power comes up, I always say that my 100 to 150w is 
one fifteenth to one tenth of the power that I am allowed, by law, to 
operate.  I also say that since I'm trying to be a 'good neighbor', I 
keep the power down when I do my most operating, and I don't operate 
durning 'prime time'. (typically after 9am, and until midnight).

This way, if a neighbor is hearing me in their (_insert electronic 
device here_), they'll know that I'm doing what *I* can, short of 
getting off the air, to keep the interference down to a minimum.  I also 
don't talk a lot about PEP and asymmetrical audio.  They don't need to 
know how much PEP power output I'm running, with 150w of carrier, and a 
Symmetry Ratio of 4:1 <*grinz*>

Between the hours of midnight and 6am, I'll shove the link in on the 
homebrew rig, and run between 1/4 kW and 300w Carrier output.

Typically, if I'm up, I'll get on around 3am Central time, and work 
Dave/W4QCU in Oakridge, TN.  Dave -always- has a strong signal here, 
into South Central Texas.

Oh, I -completely- understand about having neighbors too close.  But, I 
also want to get the best signal I can out, from the rig so that I don't 
-have- to run as much power to be heard.

Again, if you've got room for a 75m Inverted Vee, you've got room for a 
full-wave Delta Loop on 75m.  Just close in the bottom of your Inverted 
Vee, and since you're already using Ladder Line, you'll 1) notice less 
noise in the receiver, 2) see an increase in your signal being heard.

At least, that's what I experienced here.

73, etc

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