[AMRadio] "Heavy Metal Night"

Ed Sieb esieb at sympatico.ca
Fri Dec 29 17:00:47 EST 2006


You're quite right. I too, am "property poor",  have a tiny city lot and
have population congestion around me. When I run a 100W  AM Rig, the entire
neighborhood knows it!  (I spend about $200. a year on ferrite devices!) So
I know what you're talking about.

That said,  I still run some heavy metal at appropriate times. I just let my
neighbors know it before hand, or operate during hours when they're either
not home, or asleep.

There is very little one can do about the "piss-weakers". but one can
optimize antennas as best one can. I ran an End-Fed-Zepp for years. Ran from
a 2nd floor window to a tree, thence to a pole on the opposite corner of my
lot, thence to the far roof eves, finally to the chimney. All 133 feet of
it. No more than about 25 feet off the ground at it's highest point. Worked
the UK consistently on 80, in the DX window.

The new American band-plan should help alleviate the "piss-weaker" problem,
by allowing more  parallel QSO's on different frequencies at the same time,
thus reducing huge round-tables, and allowing more "piss-weakers" time to
talk, without QRM.

Maybe we ought to establish a "piss-weaker" calling frequency?

vy 73,


Charlie, K0NG wrote:
Hello Ed: Would you just rather see the new PW stations go to Slop Bucket
           and lose a new prospect?? Many "property poor" ops such as me
           live on average city lots and cannot run heavy metal due to many
           junk unintentional receivers in close by houses. Not that Slop
           Bucket creates less interference, they just cant be identified as

           Maybe a splinter group of PW ops could work each other instead of
           just listening and let the Slop Bucketeers fend for themselves??
           7140 KC ??

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