[AMRadio] FS: Large High Voltage Mica TX or Tesla Capacitors

Don Merz n3rht at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 30 15:18:10 EST 2006

For Sale: Large High Voltage Mica Transmitting
Capacitors (Or Tesla Coil or paperweight or...)

These are the ones in short white cylinders with metal
end caps.

1 Sangamo G1 .00024MFD at 6KV $20

1 Sprague MX60 .00024MFD at KV, 4.7A at 3MC, 3.6A at 1MC

1 Aerovox 1970-217 .002MFD at 15KV	21A at 3MC, 20A at 1MC

I also have 9 of the ones that are built in large
square porcelain, ceramic, epoxy or micanol housings
with terminals on top. Here's the list:

3 Sangamo Micanol or epoxy .006 @ 8KV, 17A at 1MC $20

2 Aerovox Type 86 porcelain or ceramic .001 @ 7KV, 8A
at 15MC, 9A at 7.5MC, 10A at 3.75MC, 8A at 1.875MC $20

2 Acushnet Type 1996 porcelain or ceramic .005 @
12.5KV, 8A at 15MC, 9A at 75.MC, 8A at 3.75MC, 7A at
1.875MC $15 each

2 Sangamo porcelain or ceramics that are unmarked. The
bridge shows both of these to be close to .001MFD.
These are probably 6-8KV each judging from their size.
$10 each 

Thanks for looking. 
73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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