[AMRadio] Antenna/Coax

Jack Schmidling jack at schmidling.com
Sat Dec 30 23:45:02 EST 2006

The more I read, the confusder I get.

If a half wave dipole has a center feedpoint impedance of 73 ohms, why 
am I using 50 ohm coax.

I just put my new EZ hang to use today and discovered that my coax is 
not long enough to take advantage of the much higher ends and is pulling 
the center down.

I was going to buy a roll of RG8X but then learned that RG58U is good to 
over 430W so I might as well stick with this as weight is an issue.

In the process of hunting up a source for coax I stumbled into this 
quandary.  Every source I look at says 73 ohms for a dipole.

What am I missing?


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