[AMRadio] Heavy Metal Survey

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Sat Dec 30 23:46:57 EST 2006

Jack, given the band conditions I won't venture a guess.  I 
will say that because of both the conditions and the strong 
signals it managed to stop some of the SSB interference.

Should many of the stations get on the air regularly, others 
who like to get up close with their aflack noise would 
rethink that strategy.  I could not hear stations within 
300-400 miles of me, but those beyond that were very good 
copy over riding the interference.

At one time, I found 5 different conversations on different 
frequencies, so I would say the night has been a success and 


> Don't mean to be a creep again but wouldn't it be 
> interesting to know how many of the folks ("big egos with 
> big rigs tromping Rangers") last night, with the 
> capability to run illegal power, didn't or never do?
> Anyone care to venture an opinion?
> js

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