[AMRadio] Antenna/Coax

Ed Sieb esieb at sympatico.ca
Sun Dec 31 01:13:17 EST 2006

You're missimg nothing, Jack.

There is no issue, really. Hooking up 50 ohm coax to a 75 ohm anteena only
provides an SWR  of 1.5:1, which is not excessive. That's for a flat-top
dipole. (An inverted V Is indeed 50 ohms, or close to it.)  Any pi-network
can handle that and match it.  If running a rice-box, any tuner can match it
too.   So Jack, there never has been a problem with 75 ohm dipoles, since
the mismatch is not a big deal.


Jack Schmidling wrote:
If a half wave dipole has a center feedpoint impedance of 73 ohms, why
am I using 50 ohm coax.


In the process of hunting up a source for coax I stumbled into this
quandary.  Every source I look at says 73 ohms for a dipole.
What am I missing?

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