[AMRadio] Antenna/Coax

Jan Erik Holm sm2ekm at telia.com
Sun Dec 31 09:08:51 EST 2006

Fact is, you dont know what impedance your dipole has at
the feedpoint. It can be anything between 50 to 75 ohms or so.
Bottom line is, you dont actually know what the error is,
there are also other variables involved.
To answer the question, no it doesnt matter if you use
50 or 75 ohm cable.
Do whatever YOU think is practical, that will be the best solution.

Happy New Year / Jim SM2EKM
Jack Schmidling wrote:
> Ed Sieb wrote:
>> You're missimg nothing, Jack.
>> There is no issue, really. Hooking up 50 ohm coax to a 75 ohm anteena 
>> only
>> provides an SWR  of 1.5:1, which is not excessive.
>  From a student's point of view, most of the discussions on the subject 
> start out with titles such as the importance of matching antenna to feed 
> line.  A 50% error or 25% deviation does not seem trivial.
> But from a practical standpoint, as 75 ohm coax is readily available, 
> wouldn't it be better to use that?

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