[AMRadio] Tall ships sailed?

Geoff/W5OMR ars.w5omr at gmail.com
Sun Dec 31 10:50:34 EST 2006

So, does anyone have a list of the 'Tall Ships' that sailed over the 
air-waves last night?

I was on the road most of the time, but in three hours, I heard K0#OO 
and W2ZN work the rest of the country.
I heard WA1HLR and W1GUD/4 QSY to 40m (but never heard 'em there),

I heard WA1QIX, KW1I, KC9VF, W5AMI, KA5RHK, W5CZ/0, KD0PD, W5DWP. K06NM, 
KL7OF, K7YOO, WB3HUZ, WA5FWC and I've not even finished my first cup of 
coffee this morning.

Noteably missing (at least I didn't hear 'em) were
WA3VJB (where -were- you Paul?  Brian/AMI even commented that you 
weren't heard on 75m), K4KYV, W4QCU, WY3D, W5OD, WA5CMI, W5SUM and I'm 
still working on that coffee...  I didn't cruise 160m, last night, so 
maybe they were there.

I was at John/WA5BXO's place till around 7:30pm, and then drove ~200 
miles back home to get on the air, last night.

Anyone else have a list of stations worked/heard?

73, etc..

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