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Geoff/W5OMR ars.w5omr at gmail.com
Sun Dec 31 12:19:18 EST 2006

Jack Schmidling wrote:
> A.R.S. - W5AMI wrote:
>> Jack, to just assume that one of us using a "Heavy metal" rig "might",
>> or "could", or "does" run illegal power is a slap in the face to the
>> many folks....
> To assume that my simple question assumes any such thing is a slap in 
> my face.
>> Don't troll here.
> I guess if you think that my curiosity is trolling, as someone we all 
> know and love once said.... "it's time for me to go".

The problem Jack, is that you try to raise 'issues', being the new guy, 
because you don't understand or know the history of the list.

This reflector has been going -strong- since around 1996.  In the past 
decade (plus) we've seen most -everything- there is.

What really frustrates a lot of us is, that since you've been a ham, 
off/on since 1955, we have to wonder why the most simplest, basic and 
most fundamental issues seem to be a challenge for you.

We'd -love- to help... but most of this information is obtainable with 
just the most minimal amount of time spent researching whatever subject 
you come up with.

I'd hate to see you leave, but being the successful businessman you 
claim, surely you can understand that there is precedent set and that 
-you alone-, aren't going to change what has been learned on this list 
in the last decade.

Not to say that everything that's happened here has been 'correct', but 
the bag has been shook a few times, and this is how things have settled, 
and it's how -we- like 'em.  With -that- in mind, you're welcome to hang 
around.  If you don't feel you can hang with us, then Have a Great Year, 
and hope to work you on the air, sometime.

73 = Best Regards,
Happy New Year!

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