[AMRadio] Tall Ships Sailed !!!

VJB wa3vjb at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 31 12:43:18 EST 2006

I hate being QRP.
That's the only explanation I've got as to why you
guys didn't hear me.

>Noteably missing (at least I didn't hear 'em) were
>WA3VJB (where -were- you Paul?  Brian/AMI even
>that you weren't heard on 75m)

But actually, I fired up at 2200 GMT, and took it
through 0500 GMT. Started at 3880Kc, and in the first
15 minutes, things sure lit up:

W8MAQ Jim,  Collins 300-G  1400 lbs, 250 W

N1NKM Willie, homebrew rig

WD8BIIL Bud, Viking Bud into pair of 8874

KA8WTK, Bill 350 watts, 300 lbs homebrew

WB3HUZ, Steve, Eico 720/730 into pr. 3-500

W2ZM, Bob, McMartin 2K  3000 lbs

W9AD Dave, SDR1000 9 lbs

K3JRR Larry, homebrew, 1000 lbs

W2ICQ, Bob, Collins 310B into homebrew 800 lb
transmitter, pr 4-250 mod by pr 810s

K8R  Dave  Valiant at 140 watts all tube

W8BAC Mike


Later I worked the Tall Ships  W2XR, W2INR, K1ETP,
W1NZR, KD0HG, KA1KAQ, and KW1I, among others,
including Charlie near Atlanta on a Beastie 610-G  The
logbook is still out at the station desk, I'll copy
the group when I write it up to send to Ray at ER.

I will bet that Bob W2ZM again takes top honors this
year.  He's a machine.  We started out together on
3880, him running a McMartian pair of 4-1000
modulating a pair of 4-1000, into a pair of Yagis
aimed west. YO !

By the time I signed down on 3825-3835Kc, I went back
up and there was Bob, now working Wyoming and western
states. Yee Haw !

I have about three hours of tape too. Will boil it
down and if there's interest, make it a CD you can
play in the home stereo. WONDERFUL sound, real "Angel
Music" thanks in no small part to the fact there was a
lot more elbow room this year, the benefit of the
FCC's decision to expand the phone bands.

I did not get down through the 3700s by the way,
because of a Canadian SSB contest underway. Too bad,
but the transmitter/SWR situation is a bit stressful

Happy New Year to all, we have a small social planned
here at Casa del VJB, perhaps we shall get on and
proffer a toast to everyone on 75m. By tradition, we
usually listen to CHU as the official countdown
station, going on 25 years now with out group.  So at
least the receiver will be warmed up.


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