[AMRadio] Heavy Metal Night Reception

DOXEMF at aol.com DOXEMF at aol.com
Sun Dec 31 14:14:26 EST 2006

 Well guys, another HEAVY event that I had to miss taking part in. My New Years Resolution is to somehow get enough wire
up in the air to join in with at least a VK II next year.
  But did accomplish the enabling of an interesting and unusual receiver in time to catch some of the activity just before and after midnight. Strong signals and could hear activity just about coast to coast including SSB.
  The receiver is a Develco Research Receiver circa early 70's, and all early solid state silicone with 4 stages of conversion and 11 individule fixed xtal oscillator cards.
 Frq selection is via thumbwheels to 10 Cy  resolution but no fine tuning. The most important component was an external 1 mhz reference oscillator that I just added. This phase locks
 the whole receiver and provides the final hetrodyne frq.
 Apparently this receiver was an early custom job for the Military SIGINT service with 0 information available.

 Have a great New Year !
Bill, KB3DKS/1 Receiving the World

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