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Fred Nerks fnerks1 at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 31 15:19:03 EST 2006

--- Jack Schmidling <jack at schmidling.com> wrote:

> A.R.S. - W5AMI wrote:
> > Jack, to just assume that one of us using a "Heavy
> metal" rig "might",
> > or "could", or "does" run illegal power is a slap
> in the face to the
> > many folks....
> To assume that my simple question assumes any such
> thing is a slap in my 
> face.

There is nothing wrong with such assumptions; however,
such assumptions are not something to post to the
entire list. Your question as to the legality and
honor of those on this list should be discussed with
those have a personal relationship with... perhaps off
the list. I suggest that what you are looking for is
an AM elmer to ask the typical flurry of such noob
(i.e.newbie) questions. I get the impression that you
have been trying to use this list as though everyone
has the patience of someone who could be your elmer.
Your questions and curiosity is a good thing... just
in more measured doses. Of course, you can find all
the answers to your questions by carefully spending
the time in the many texts and publications devoted to
our craft. This is what those with the most experience
have done, and this the time honored way that most use
to perfect their craft. So at some point, I would hope
to hear more educated questions, and less speculation
and conjecture. 

73 Mike KZ5M

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