[AMRadio] FCC & AM

StephenTetorka at cs.com StephenTetorka at cs.com
Thu Feb 2 10:34:49 EST 2006

Glad to see the replies - thank you.

My intent in submitting the letter is mainly political.

That is, I asked for special consideration for Amplitude Modulation as it 
seems to me that AM may get less 'respect' in the future than present.

I believe that FCC rules will allow AM to have the same bandwidth as used at 

Nevertheless, I wanted to put some heat and noise from a Pro-AM direction to 
let the FCC folks know there are some opinionated AM'ers working the bands who 
do not want any future restrictions....they were talking about it this go 

And...while I was at it...thought I'd ask for more "respect"...namely AM-use 
only segments so as to diminsh the AM/SSB elbowing...and add some of that 
Pro-AM heat.

The bottom line...we Hams get only what we fight for ...I engage when folks 
start THINKING about taking something away...

Steve Tetorka
Vietnam Veteran 

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