[AMRadio] Pro AM heat on FCC?

Ben Dover quixote2 at ix.netcom.com
Thu Feb 2 14:56:37 EST 2006

Hello Steve


Nevertheless, I wanted to put some heat and noise from a Pro-AM direction to 
let the FCC folks know there are some opinionated AM'ers working the bands
do not want any future restrictions....they were talking about it this go 

And...while I was at it...thought I'd ask for more "respect"...namely AM-use 
only segments so as to diminsh the AM/SSB elbowing...and add some of that 
Pro-AM heat.


It may be beating a dead horse, but I'd like to see an attempt to restore the
OLD AM power level of 1000 watts of carrier!

Even if the effort fails, if we make enough noise about it the attempt might
might well give a LOT of folks out there pause for though before assaulting us

Mr. T., W9LBB

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