[AMRadio] FCC and AM on the BC band

W5OMR/Geoff w5omr at satx.rr.com
Thu Feb 2 16:02:43 EST 2006

VJB wrote:

>The FCC is allowing the quality of AM signals to
>deteriorate, but it's been over a very long period of
>The side effects of this system spread interference
>well past 15 to 20 Kc from center frequency, as a
>function of trying to match (not beat) the kind of
>analog audio quality our parents remember when they
>were tuned to AM on the old wooden floor console that
>served as the Home Entertainment Center in those
>pre-TV days.

Do I understand you to say that now a days, if some one gives you a 
'broadcast quality' report, you can still not be sure if they're being 
complimentary or not?

Just requesting a clarificatoin, and to see what it's got to do with Ham 
AM RAdio.


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