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Phil Galasso k2pg at worldnet.att.net
Thu Feb 2 21:56:45 EST 2006

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> That is, I asked for special consideration for Amplitude Modulation as it
> seems to me that AM may get less 'respect' in the future than present.
> And...while I was at it...thought I'd ask for more "respect"...namely
> only segments so as to diminsh the AM/SSB elbowing...and add some of that
> Pro-AM heat.

The best thing for us is to get rid of ALL the nitpicking subband
restrictions. If there is more room for phone modes (including AM), there
should be fewer problems on our bands. Overcrowding is one thing that turns
75 meters into a zoo.

A high priority is filing opposition to the ARRL petition, RM-11306, as this
poses a grave threat to AM operation below 29 MHz and the digital Winlink
robots will create problems across all of our bands. To visualize the
interference potential, think of Winlink as a digital version of K1MAN.

Phil Galasso

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