[AMRadio] PTO Mech. alignment

John Lawson jpl15 at panix.com
Thu Feb 2 22:27:01 EST 2006

  I have repaired the PTO in my R-388, and recieved the re-finished panel 
back from Howard Mills (along with a newly-restored dial-drum).

   Currently the Panel is hanging on the wall in the living room in a nice 
frame - I just sit on the couch and study it's amazing aspect, considering 
what it looked like apres-Howard.

   The PTO is working again - C008, the .001 inside the can, had gone the 
way of all discrete components: requiescat in pacem. This weekend it'll 
get the rest of the 'brown matchsticks' replaced, new 6BA6s, and then 
aligned - I have the machinist's circle on the way. And of course several 
versions of the Instructions.

  My Question is this: what is a synopsis, (or a pointer) of the correct 
way to line up the PTO shaft/coupling, the dial pointer, and the KC Dial?

   I was thinking to tune to WWV on 10 Mhtz and line it all up that way, 
but I've never done this before, so any help / advice / wisdom / sarcasm, 
etc would be greatly appreciated.

   Now, back out front to contemplate my rig's new 'official' front panel - 
after 20 years of pinkish-beige gloss enamel and press-on lettering.  And 
no, I didn't do that - it arrived in my care thus disfigured.  All is now 
well, however.


John  KB6SCO

PS: THANKS Howard!!!!

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