[AMRadio] PTO Mech. alignment

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Thu Feb 2 23:00:17 EST 2006

John if you have a frequency counter just lift the output cable and attach 
the counter.  Follow the instructions for alignment.

There are more than 10 turns for the dial.  Count the total and it may be 12 
and a half.  If so move the dial from where it mechanically stops to where 
is should start and have a lot of fun.

73  Jim
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Subject: [AMRadio] PTO Mech. alignment

>  I have repaired the PTO in my R-388, and recieved the re-finished panel 
> back from Howard Mills (along with a newly-restored dial-drum).
>   Currently the Panel is hanging on the wall in the living room in a nice 
> frame - I just sit on the couch and study it's amazing aspect, considering 
> what it looked like apres-Howard.
>   The PTO is working again - C008, the .001 inside the can, had gone the 
> way of all discrete components: requiescat in pacem. This weekend it'll 
> get the rest of the 'brown matchsticks' replaced, new 6BA6s, and then 
> aligned - I have the machinist's circle on the way. And of course several 
> versions of the Instructions.
>  My Question is this: what is a synopsis, (or a pointer) of the correct 
> way to line up the PTO shaft/coupling, the dial pointer, and the KC Dial?
>   I was thinking to tune to WWV on 10 Mhtz and line it all up that way, 
> but I've never done this before, so any help / advice / wisdom / sarcasm, 
> etc would be greatly appreciated.
>   Now, back out front to contemplate my rig's new 'official' front panel - 
> after 20 years of pinkish-beige gloss enamel and press-on lettering.  And 
> no, I didn't do that - it arrived in my care thus disfigured.  All is now 
> well, however.
>   Cheers
> John  KB6SCO
> PS: THANKS Howard!!!!

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