[AMRadio] RE: Why should we change ?

UVCM INC uvc1 at verizon.net
Fri Feb 3 11:49:40 EST 2006

With all the discussion on the pros and cons of AM, we need to think of the

We have been building, buying, collecting, designing am rigs for over 75

Why do we have to change now?

Just because there are a few new modes comming on board, why reduce the
rights of the founding fathers of radio.

There should be no changes to our capabilities (and our rights) of running
the types of radios or modes of operations we have used for decades.

There is plenty of room on the bands except for a few areas at certain times
of the day.

The newer modes take up less room so why steal our rights.

We are being attacked, we need to stand WITH ONE VOICE, leave the founders
of radio alone.

Lets be honest, radio as we know it is shrinking, we are a dieing breed,
less operators are comming on board, internet, cell phones etc.

In 20 years most of us will be gone or not able to lift boat anchors, there
will be plenty of open space then.

Just because our grandparents are older, does not mean there privileges in
life should be reduce by others.


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