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Mike Dorworth, K4XM k4xm at arczip.com
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Never ever once has it 1000 watts carrier power level PERIOD. So how could
it be reduced? It was 1000 watts or 900 watts INPUT regardless of
effeciency, Class C being the best.. About 700 watts. Without meters to
measure accuractly it was 900 watts INPUT. With a Linear the 1000 watts in
would get you a coupla hundred watts at best. The PEP OUTPUT was deemed easy
to measure with standard PEP meters. Sure we lost aboout 50 percent at full
modulation but could use grid modulated, linears, or poor quality tank
circuits and only had to measure the power OUTPUT. Life ain't always fair..

I was here for 52 years watching. They stole the 11 meter band from us also
in 1958. Want it back?

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> 1.  Thank you Paul/VJB for the courtesy and seeing my 'faux paux' in the
> wording...good example of Ham espirit in practice, right there from that
> 2.  I had to leave Ham radio back in 1965...as per political orders from
> Washington to destroy Asian countries and kill people there...got my
license back
> 3 years ago..along with my original call...sooooo...
> why did FCC reduce the 1000 watt carrier power level?
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