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Thanks for your comments, I have made several posts to the web with little
I am one of the younger AM operators (in my mid 40's) but have been in love
with the building, restoring and collecting of tube radios for over 30
I think the future is learning from our past.
I do believe in change (The Only Thing Constant in Life Is Change) I welcome
new modes of communications, but don't sweep AM under the rug, or take our
rights away to use high quality transmitters with narrow bandwidth.
As stated last night on the news, we are lagging behind the rest of the
would in turning out new engineers. We need to keep innovation going. We are
some of those innovators.
I hold several patents in modern products on the market, one of them kills
bird flu and other airborne and waterborne diseases,
Where one of the major improvements came from was my 866 rectifiers in my
Johnson 500.
My ham radio help start a industry that has saved many lives and countless
suffering. Strange twist but true.
Why does the FAA still use AM? Our aviation industry depends on AM to keep
our people safe and we have the best safety record in the world. AM should
be eliminated as some would say ? HUMM.

Paul if you think my comments on track and the FCC and ARRL should read them
let me know and where to post them.

Thanks for listening

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Brad, KB7FQR --

You gave me some food for thought when you made your
point that as we get older we don't necessarily have
to lose any of life's privileges, as applied to ham

As the group in Newington tries to force the
development of digital communications, we can
legitimately question change for the sake of change.

My Comment that I shall be filing this weekend in
Opposition to the Petition RM-11306 will mention the
flawed approach of using the regulatory structure to
promote something that is not, today, becoming popular
on its own.

Indeed, there is great concern about bringing email
from the internet over ham radio that this proposal
from the ARRL would try to achieve.  I believe there's
room to encourage the development of the category of
digital communications, but feel that the operators
implementing new, controversial modes should earn a
place on the bands just like the rest of us have seen
the value of so doing.

Those who have assured the place of AM on the ham
bands over the years can take a bow, because our
record of compliance is very strong at the FCC. In
fact, based on what we know from the enforcement file,
the AM Community, as an identifyable group, is among
the most observant of the Rules today.

That should and MUST count when there are regulatory
proposals that penalize us with rules not really
matched with what we do. The imposition of a 4500 hz
audio bandpass would create problems by taking away
from us the responsible, self-determined use of
spectrum we have demonstrated, and would also hand a
tool to those who wish to file bogus complaints
against us using a phantom bandwidth standard.

We who are fighting the Petition from the ARRL hope to
wrap up a compilation of Comments opposed by Sunday
night so that they can be submitted to the FCC on the
final business day of the Comment period, Monday, Feb.

If you haven't spent a few moments expressing
yourself, please do so?

StopRM11306 at amfone.net

Brad, I hope you'll consider making your posting here
part of your Comment to the FCC, if you haven't

Turns out you can file more than one Comment, by the
way, so no one should feel they get only one chance by
the deadline.



Why do we have to change now?

Just because there are a few new modes comming on
board, why reduce the
rights of the founding fathers of radio.

We are being attacked, we need to stand WITH ONE
VOICE, leave the
of radio alone.

Just because our grandparents are older, does not mean
there privileges
life should be reduce by others.


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