[AMRadio] Grandpa's Radio ?

Peter Markavage manualman at juno.com
Sat Feb 4 15:11:58 EST 2006

The FCC has already said in a past proceeding that the current Amateur
Radio Service rules hinder the growth and experimentation of new
technologies on the amateur bands. So, I suspect, change will be coming,
sooner or later, regardless of how many negative comments you want to
throw at RM-11306. Actually, I would spend my energies throwing all I
could at RM-11305, which, if accepted, would create total anarchy all
over the HF bands. 

RM-11306's intent is to create a structure for the future of the Amateur
Radio Service. It was not designed to please individual amateurs in the
near term. RM-11306, as written, does little, except maybe to a small
subset of AM operators, to create any operating problems. Using
their(ARRL) terms defining bandwidth by "necessary bandwidth" rather than
"occupied bandwidth", should have little to no impact on the majority of
AM operators. If you don't like their Winlink pitch, tell the FCC to
retain the current 97.221 rule, which keeps Winlink stuff confined to
their current small segment of certain bands. If you don't like the note
exemption for AM, tell them you want to see AM identified in the proper
tables along with other identified bandwidths. If you want strong band
plans, you should demand that all amateurs provide input into creating
such band plans.

Trying to kill a proposal because you believe it's out to screw you is
just plain fantasy. The proposal is a future based plan for our Service.
You may think "hobby" but that won't win you any points with the FCC. I
will agree that the proposal is not without its problems as written, but
provide input on the parts of the structure that you feel are wrong and
need to be corrected. The Amateur Radio Service is going to move forward.
It has to in order to stay alive. Keeping the "status quo", i.e. I like
it the way it is, don't change anything, isn't going to work. It might
work today but, for sure, it won't work tomorrow.

If you're have already filed your comments on both RM-11305 and RM-11306,
I would encourage you to go back and consider filing additional comments.
As Paul, "I want no rules" has said, you can file more than one time.
Let's have a hand at shaping our Amateur Radio Service, not so much for
us, but for our future generations.

Pete, WA2CWA

On Sat, 4 Feb 2006 06:19:02 -0800 (PST) VJB <wa3vjb at yahoo.com> writes:
> Brad, KB7FQR --
> You gave me some food for thought when you made your
> point that as we get older we don't necessarily have
> to lose any of life's privileges, as applied to ham
> radio.
> As the group in Newington tries to force the
> development of digital communications, we can
> legitimately question change for the sake of change.
> My Comment that I shall be filing this weekend in
> Opposition to the Petition RM-11306 will mention the
> flawed approach of using the regulatory structure to
> promote something that is not, today, becoming popular
> on its own.
> Indeed, there is great concern about bringing email
> from the internet over ham radio that this proposal
> from the ARRL would try to achieve.  I believe there's
> room to encourage the development of the category of
> digital communications, but feel that the operators
> implementing new, controversial modes should earn a
> place on the bands just like the rest of us have seen
> the value of so doing.
> Those who have assured the place of AM on the ham
> bands over the years can take a bow, because our
> record of compliance is very strong at the FCC. In
> fact, based on what we know from the enforcement file,
> the AM Community, as an identifyable group, is among
> the most observant of the Rules today.
> That should and MUST count when there are regulatory
> proposals that penalize us with rules not really
> matched with what we do. The imposition of a 4500 hz
> audio bandpass would create problems by taking away
> from us the responsible, self-determined use of
> spectrum we have demonstrated, and would also hand a
> tool to those who wish to file bogus complaints
> against us using a phantom bandwidth standard.
> We who are fighting the Petition from the ARRL hope to
> wrap up a compilation of Comments opposed by Sunday
> night so that they can be submitted to the FCC on the
> final business day of the Comment period, Monday, Feb.
> 6th.
> If you haven't spent a few moments expressing
> yourself, please do so?
> StopRM11306 at amfone.net
> Brad, I hope you'll consider making your posting here
> part of your Comment to the FCC, if you haven't
> already.
> Turns out you can file more than one Comment, by the
> way, so no one should feel they get only one chance by
> the deadline.
> Paul/VJB
> ----------
> Why do we have to change now?
> Just because there are a few new modes comming on
> board, why reduce the
> rights of the founding fathers of radio.
> We are being attacked, we need to stand WITH ONE
> VOICE, leave the 
> founders
> of radio alone.
> Just because our grandparents are older, does not mean
> there privileges 
> in
> life should be reduce by others.
> Brad KB7FQR

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