[AMRadio] PTO ready to install, but...

John Lawson jpl15 at panix.com
Sun Feb 5 22:54:22 EST 2006


  None of the three Bristol wrenches that were clipped under the lid are 
the right ones for the PTO Oldham coupler - so I'll have to wait for 
Tuesday to get the set I ordered from McMaster-Carr - $10 for a set of 9, 
4- and 6-flute - not a bad deal.  www.mcmaster.com and search for 
'bristol' then scroll down a ways.

    Found out that the problem with the center-point offset was gross 
mis-adjustment of the 'span' coil - the closer I pulled it in, the better 
the linearity got - now she's within about 1.5 KHtz overall - back in the 
radio it goes.  Then - the kit of new (NOS, and/or tested to new spec) 
tubes, a thorough RF-IF alignment, and we'll see how the Old Girl does. 
I'm hoping to be rather pleasantly surprised - it sure will look pretty, 
at any rate!


John  KB6SCO

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