[AMRadio] Great resource for anal homebrewers!

Craig Roberts crgrbrts at verizon.net
Wed Feb 8 11:53:09 EST 2006

I like my homebrew projects to look as professional as possible. One 
difficulty in achieving the "commercial" look has been fabricating the 
front panel. An electric drill, a can of spray paint and a Dymo label 
maker just doesn't do it when you're as, umm, "particular" as I am.

Well, I've found a terrific resource for folks like me.  It's a company 
that offers front panel machining and finishing services plus free CAD 
software to design your own.  They may also be useful for restorers who 
wish to replicate a front panel from the days of yore. 

The U.S. website is at: http://www.frontpanelexpress.com/

This outfit, based in Seattle, is a subsidiary of a German company. 
Their website is more amply illustrated than the U.S. counterpart and is 
worth visiting:


Have fun. Now you can stop borrowing your buddy's expensive Greenlee 



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